Monday, August 31, 2009

Over the weekend

Well, I have a bit of good news and bad news. So, since I typically pick the bad news first, I'll tell ya that.

Bad news: This is going go be another crazy week, another short post and as soon as I started feeling better I got sick again. So here I am sitting at work feeling like hell. I really really despise being sick during the summer.

Good news: I got a new car!

It's an '08 Pontiac G6.

(It was love at first drive)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Here's to getting my ducks in a row!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Pot luck post

Blogosphere friends, I am so sorry to have been gone. My work schedule has been absolutely insane here lately. Like I said in my short post, I didn't know that work actually required working all day. I mean, I typically have time to check my email, read some blogs and even post. Well not recently, my coworker was sick and since the economy has drained my office I got to pick up her job and do both. Talk about fun.

So anyways, I am crossing my fingers that I am back (at least for awhile). Instead of doing a traditional post, I decided I would just post some random stuff about the last week in one bit pot luck post.

  • I rode a bicycle for the first time in probably 15 years. I loved it! I basically stole my friends road bike. I decided I am going to get one, but all the ones on craigslist are either old and crappy or way too much. So if anyone would like to contribute to the Trixie Bicycle Fund, email me at :)
  • My dog has decided that using the designated "poopy areas" are not to her liking, probably because people aren't cleaning up after themselves. The last few times when I've walked her we have stopped at the designated area and wait, and wait and wait. I get impatient and I'm not kidding you about 10 feet later she decides she needs to go. This is not good, and yes sorry it is so random and kind of gross.
  • I've been having late night rendezvous. Last weekend my friend and I decided to drive around the city looking for walking/biking tracks. We found a few and, without flashlights, walked them in the dark. It was really fun getting out and walking.
  • During our walking trips we found a group of pot heads smoking in the park. It was so funny because when they saw us one took off running and the others tried to play it cool. I was so tempted to yell, "Police, don't move." Unfortunately I didn't have time because they ran from their smoke cloud into the truck parked by.
  • I decided I am a loyal fan of Google, there is no changing my mind. At work the default search engine is Bing and I tried using it twice. I hate it. It never seems to give me the results that Google does so I have made public my love for Google.
  • I watched "I Love You Man" and thought it was totally awesome. I did think that the relationship the guys had was a little awkward though. Do those kind of things exist?
  • I've been sick. I have no idea what happened, but I lost my voice almost completely for about a week. While I am sure that some of my coworkers enjoyed my lack of talking, I sure didn't. I am feeling better now, but still have a slight cough. I think my allergies just decided to go crazy on me.
  • I am about to commit myself to a masters program. I graduated in 2006 from college and since then have said time and again that I would start my next degree program. Unfortunately I have been seriously lazy and haven't done so. Well, I started doing some research and think I have finally decided that I am going to get my MBA in Organizational Leadership. Now, to just get to filling out the enrollment application and write my essays.
Well, I hope you all have had a great week. I feel a bit out of the loop since I have disappeared.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry I have been MIA once again guys. Who would have ever thought that you sometimes actually have to do work at work? Here I was under the impression that I should be able to blog and check my email while doing work, but that hasn't been the case here lately. Things have been a little bit insane, but I promise I won't be gone much longer (at least I hope).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Because even though this came out a lil while ago, I am truly excited to see it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Epic giveaway

The lovely Kym is hosting an epic giveaway .

She is giving away handmade stuff from other bloggers, so if you like that kinda stuff visit her blog and let her know. If you don't, you should really check out her blog anyways because she is hilarious.

Sorry, but no

I don't know if it is just me or what, but have any of you noticed the amount of beggars going up? I know the economy has been bad and everyone can use any dime they can get, but honestly I have seen two or three people on one corner begging for money. At least spread out a bit, oh and don't wear brand new Nike's and a Ralph Lauren shirt while you hold your cardboard sign. But that isn't the worst of it, I can't even go into the gas station without someone asking me for money.

Now don't get me wrong I am not one of those greedy girls that won't help a fellow man in need, but I won't just hand out a ton of cash to complete strangers when I'm money-strapped myself. Instead, I'd much rather go pick up a double cheeseburger or two and hand a person in need that or some fruit instead of a bunch of money for them to pocket. I have reason behind this thought.

Today as I walked out of the gas station after getting my oh so delicious diet dr. pepper I was approached by a woman with a long sob story. She told me that she was from Ohio and was trying to get to her grandmother in Texas because she was admitted to the hospital. She said she ran out of gas and had no way to get there because someone stole her wallet and her bank wasn't in Oklahoma. Sounds depressing right?

Well I couldn't help but make a smart ass smirk and laugh a little. The woman acted as though she was offended by my laughter. It does make me look cold-hearted doesn't it? I then proceeded to tell her that just last week she told me the same exact story and asked me for money for her ailing grandma.

She began to argue with me saying that it was not her and I was confusing her with someone else. I told her I distinctly remember the smiley face shirt that she is wearing today and the same exact story. I told her that I gave her $5 dollars for gas and that since she is still sitting here scamming people that she should give me my money back. She took off running.

It's those people that make the world a terrible place and more so the reason why people refuse to help others. If you are a need then be honest, but don't expect someone to hand over money so that you can get your next drug fix.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hiking in the dark?

There are times in your life that you make stupid decisions. Well, I managed to do that during one of my hiking trips.

Over the weekend K and I decided it would be a great weekend to go on a hike. After weeks and weeks of 106 degree weather it was finally down in the 90's, which seemed like the 80's compared to that.

So we hoped in the car, took a drive and ended up in a little town called Watonga. There is a big pond lake there and some nice hiking trails.

We got there late in the afternoon, and decided to explore. After circling the pond lake we found some trails and decided it wouldn't be a big deal to take a small hike. We hop on the trails and come up to a map. We see this location called "Inspiration Point" and feel as though we should go get some inspiration.

We take a look at the route and head on our way. Little did we know that this was going to be a long hike. The map didn't give distances and believe me maps can be deceiving. As we are hiking we are having a great time cracking jokes and checking out the scenery. The woody areas were gorgeous and the trails were a ton of fun. After about 4 miles, a little over an hour and climbing up a few hills we find "Inspiration Point."

See the sun setting? We thought it would be a great idea to see a bit of the sunset and hoped to gain some inspiration. It was a fabulous idea, until we look at the map and realize there was no short cut back to the beginning of the trail like we thought. No, instead we have to hike the entire 4 miles or so back the way came. I felt cheated. Here is our last view of the spot as the sun was going down.

So why was this a big deal? No, it wasn't because of the extra exercise it was because the sun was setting, most of the trail was through the woods and we didn't have a flashlight. We also didn't have cell phone signal (not that we could tell anyone where we were because we really didn't know ourselves), and the light from our phones didn't do much good.

Once we came to this conclusion we decided to walk as fast as we could down the rocks of the hills before the sun disappeared. At least we wouldn't have to go down large rocky hills in the dark. As we made it down the hill the sun was still peaking through and we entered the woods. The only protection we had was a stick that K picked up on the way down the hill.

It was a lot darker in the woods as we tried to keep our eyes on the dirt trail. A little ways in we then heard something no hiker ever wants to hear day or night ... coyotes. Not just one, but it was few hollowing and causing a commotion. At this point we are almost running through the woods, but can only go so fast due to roots, rocks and other things on the trail.

As we get farther into the woods it sounds like the coyotes are getting closer and we are both freaking out at this point. Then, we suddenly hear something move in the woods next to us. We both stop and try our best to see the impossible. Instead of standing there for too long we took off faster than before. My heart was racing at this point and then we finally made it to the edge of the woods. The light was barely peaking through and we can no longer see the trail.

We follow what seems to be the trail and found the white rocky area that we could actually somewhat see. The sun is almost gone at this point and I step off a giant rock and hurt my ankle. I'm now somewhat limping and suddenly realize we were lost.

So here we are in the wildlife, listening as the coyotes get closer and lost. We start to back track and eventually find the first trail we took. We finally made it to the beginning just short of a heart attack. By the time we got there it was pitch black and all the campers were snuggling in their tents. Our trip to "Inspiration Point" took us a little over an hour, our trip back took us just over 30 minutes.

I guess the inspiration we were seeking was to make it back to the beginning without dying.

From this hiking trip on I decided I will never hike without a flashlight again. I don't care if we start at 10 a.m., a flashlight will be with me.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bye bye bottle?

I had planned today to share some of my outdoorsy adventures, but instead I am posting something else that I find to be a bit disturbing.

As I was listening to a local morning radio show, I heard them mention something about breast feeding. No big deal right? Well after a few seconds I started paying attention and heard that it wasn't just a general topic, but instead it was about a new toy.

Apparently a Spanish toymaker took reality a little too far and created a new doll that allows a child to imitate breast feeding. There is a halter top that children put on in order to breast feed their baby as it makes sucking noises.

Since when are children not content with bottles?

Read about it here.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wordless Wednesday


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No, I'm not missing ...

So you can call back your search parties, I have been found. :)

Sorry I was gone so long, my weekend adventure ended up making me an outdoors woman that went from just the lakes to a ton of hiking. I will say, it was nice getting away from the normal work life, the Internet and dare I say it ... the cell phone.

Now I am a girl that feels naked without my phone so when I ended up in the woods several times throughout my journeys and realized I had no signal, I just decided to ditch it. It felt invigorating to say the least. I never really realized how much I was at the beckon call of my cell phone. Weird huh?

So anyways, I have plenty of stories to share during my crazy adventure, but today i am going to answer the two questions asked of my readers (since I'm a slacker.)

Question One - Andhari over at Insomniac Lolita asked me the following question:

If you could trade place with one of the celebrities in the world who would you choose and why?

Answer: I would trade places with Vanessa Paradis, the French actress and singer. Why? Well because this lucky lady is not only gorgeous but she is married to Johnny Depp.

For the longest time I thought that I would somehow run into Johnny Depp, he would be smitten by my gorgeous eyes and then want me to have his babies. Then the rest would be history.

Unfortunately, he is now married to Vanessa and I have lost my chance until they divorce. So, I would love to swap places with her so not only could I live a life or luxury, I could also cuddle up to Mr. Johnny Depp.

Question Two - Lil' Woman over at Little Woman Little Home asked me the following question:

What made you start blogging? Is there a reason you choose to stay anonymous?

Answer: The lovely ReRe persuaded me to make a blog after she did. She made hers and became an instant hit and I thought it sounded like a great idea. So I jumped on the bandwagon and made one.

I blogged for a bit and soon realized a few people in my office were reading my blog. I wrote a post about a co-worker that was driving me absolutely made one night at work, and also wrote a post about hunting for a suga daddy one night at a bar full of old rich men. Apparently the co-worker I complained about felt inclined to apologize and another co-worker asked me how my hunt was. This was not good.

I started with the pretense that I could write about anything and expression my thoughts and feelings how I wanted to (even if it entailed bitching about work). I realized that this wouldn't be possible since several of my co-workers were reading my blog and soon created another one. This is that blog and why I am now anonymous. In the future I may change that, but for now in this office I feel like I should remain that way.

So those are the answers to the only two questions I was asked. I figure my readers would want to know something, so please feel free to continue asking me questions.