Thursday, April 30, 2009

Fear for your lives, there will be no tap

Will the well run dry?

Today, it was said that Oklahoman's should stock up on necessary supplies (including two weeks worth of water). Why?

I mean I can understand getting medicine and food in case you come down with the flu. We don't want you out spreading that crap around. But water? Seriously?

I can see the headline, "Due to pig flu tap water must be eliminated." Talk about survival of the fittest.

So this is from

Oklahomans should prepare for the swine flu epidemic to worsen by stocking up on food, water and medicines, said a state Health Department spokeswoman.

Leslea Bennett-Webb said health supplies that should be on hand include at least two weeks of regular prescription drugs, along with pain relievers and cold medicines. She said school closures won’t be considered until there are confirmed cases of swine flu in the state.

Also Thursday, the state Chamber of Commerce urged members to plan for a disruption in business in case a pandemic occurs.

The funny thing is, we don't have a single case yet.*

*As of April 30th.


There's nothing like calling your phone provider, and getting free stuff. Today, that happened for me and I am more than happy.

I received a text message from my provider the other day and was told I could get a special deal on a new phone they were launching. I debated back and forth between getting that phone for the amazing deal or possibly purchasing a new phone off eBay. Well, I decided getting a brand new phone for cheaper was the best solution for me.

So, I logged on to their Web site and signed up for the "upgrade" only to find they were only offering me a $20 discount. So, not what the text said. A bit peeved, I called and told them the dilemma. The funny thing is, the representative basically talked me out of it. Not because he couldn't give it to me, but because I had in fact never had that type of phone before.

But, here comes the kicker. I told them I wasn't happy to receive a text about a promotional offer that I wasn't included on and that I have been a customer for a long time, but maybe it was time to switch. This prompted why? So, as nice cordial as I could be I told him what was up and that the discounts are terrible on new phones and it is almost cheaper for me to start a new contract with a new company to get a cool phone at a cheap rate. Then he started bending over backwards to keep me.

What did he do you ask? Well I now only pay $50.00 a month and have unlimited nationwide minutes and I also am getting a new phone in the mail that is only costing me $140. That phone is below the cost of a new contract.

So all-in-all I walked away satisfied. If the new phone I get sucks, I'll return it and probably switch companies. But hey, it's worth a shot right?

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When neighbors attack... better call 911.

Or at least that is what I did.

I had an eventful Sunday, waking up to a conversation with the police and partially fearing for my life.

Sunday afternoon, yes afternoon, I woke up and was just watching to some TV when all of a sudden I heard some ruckus, yes I just said ruckus. Since I am so nosey, I started listening to what was going on and found out my neighbor was trying to throw out her "low-life, can't pay da bills, loser ass" boyfriend.

Apparently said boyfriend couldn't stand the idea of getting thrown out and possibly spending the night in a homeless shelter, so he started fighting back.

Now usually listening to a good cat fight can be fun, but this fight went way past your ordinary "I can't believe you slept with someone else, get the hell out" kind of fight. Instead, it turned into a put your hands on each other kind of deal. No bueno.

So the fight goes on, and at some point the chick (because I have been living in the same place for 3 years and only know my neighbors by their annoying tendencies) came banging on my door. Probably because I am the girl with the dog...that barks. She was pounding on my door begging for someone to call the police because said boyfriend was going to hurt her.

No, I didn't open the door.

Instead, I instantly ran into my bedroom and jump on the phone. I was not going to get in the middle of the fight, and I was not going to be the one that "called the cops." I'm on the phone with the police for about 15 minutes, and during that time the fight got even worse. They were pushing each other around and I'm sure there was some hitting. At one point they each yelled at each other that they were "going to blow the other's effing head off" (see how I didn't drop the f-bomb).

Talk about scary right? I didn't want to hear some gun shots and be a witness to a murder, not on a I ran into my room and hid like I wasn't home. The boyfriend eventually left, but will probably be back later. This wasn't their first fight, but of all their fights I've heard it was the worst one.

About 30 minutes later to police finally showed up and ended up knocking on my and I had to tell them they had the wrong address. Way to stay anonoymous right?

I was a little disgusted in the reaction time of the police. I mean I understand I called in a fight, but I did let them know that she was screaming for help because he is hurting her. And now, I find myself worried about what the reaction would be if I were in that situation. All I can hope for is better I suppose.

That was probably the most eventful thing that happened this weekend. I wasn't feeling well at all so I was pretty mild. But, I hope you had a better Sunday than I did.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Presidential pecs

I work with a lot of women, and came into work to a surprise, well kind of. I saw this e-mail labeled presidential pecs and had no clue what I was going to find. I opened the pic worried it may be porn excited to see what the pic was, and surprise surprise it's Mr. President half naked.

And this is why the population of women will increase around Washington. Great job for Washington Magazine to get the word out why everyone should visit.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you get my text?

If you are like me, then you are a text messaging fool. I find myself texting all the time. I actually think I prefer texting over holding actual phone conversations most of the time, it's even worse if I'm a bit tipsy.

Where is she going with this you ask?

Well, I decided to share bits and pieces of my funny text message conversations.

Conversation 1

Me: You don't think farmers tans are sexy?
Person: Actually I kinda do. I bet you could rock the shit out of a farmers tan!
Me: Haha that and a mullet
Person: That's just kinky and wrong... yet I'm strangely turned on.
Me: Business in the front, party in the back.
Person: That's what she said.

Conversation 2

Person: People sure do like wallpaper.
Me: For like a computer? (yeah if that doesn't show my nerdiness I don't know what will)
Person: No for like a house, I guess I should have clarified.
Me: Oh well, good thing you can scrub that crap off.
Person: Good thing you're going to help.
Me: Oh wait, ugh, I love wall paper it accents everything.

Conversation 3

Me: I just heard an ad for a dating service that hooks you up with single rich men. Since we are sexy bitches, we could probably score a couple.
Me: Oh shit, sorry dad.

Conversation 4

Person: Lol, hooray for tests.
Me: Oh yay tests are great!!!
Person: Especially when you forget about them.
Me: Even better!
Person: Of course its like a gift that keeps giving.
Me: Kind of like herpes.

OK, there are a few of my silly conversations. I used to have a ton of funny ones, but I guess since time has gone on they have deleted from my phone. :(

This post was inspired by a Web site I learned about through Twitter. The Web site is Txts frm lst nght. You all should check it out. Here are some good posts on there currently:

(301): Drunk x Brooklyn = problems getting home. If I don't make it you can have my computer and my bitches. You're welcome.

(925) 2:45a: Any chance you got 3000 bucks on you?

(703): Its not drinking alone if you got Tiger on the Wii.

(248): We should go out drinking together soon
(734): I'm still not going to have sex with you

(773): I really like you and I'm tired of just hooking up. I want you be my boyfriend.
(1-773): Uhh, I'm not breaking up with my girlfriend to be with you.

(818): Is it bad to mix sunny d with vodka if i dont have any real OJ?
(770): I've mixd ketchup with vodka before and called it a bloody mary, so, no.

(312): i wonder why nobody wants to date doing a crossword at work and asked out loud: whats a 4 letter word for 'a reason to get married?'
(312): i was like PREG?

OK, I could keep posting, but I hope you enjoy :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A box of rocks

In my 101 Things About Me post, one of my reader's asked me to write about me giving a box of rocks as a gift. So, being a pretty quiet day on the homefront I decided to share that story.

A little background info:

I have a sister is who 7 years younger than me and was born on April Fools day (April 1st). Now, I love my sister to death, but the poor girl can't take a joke for anything. She is one of those... can dish it out but can't take it back kind of people. I have learned to live with it, but it has taken many years to do so.

The story:

I believe it was my sister's 7th or 8th birthday, and final year of playing a prank on her. My mom and I had planned a great surprise for her. She wanted a PlayStation so bad and that's was her gift, along with some of the games she wanted.

Well prior to her birthday my sister is notorious for asking what she was going to get. My mom and I typically told her nothing, but during this year I kept telling her a box of rocks. She didn't believe me.

The day of her birthday we were all set up for her party when so got home. In my family we rarely had "typical parties" with a bunch of screaming kids, no parents and big messes. Instead, we would just get to pick out anything we wanted to do that day and we did it. Sometimes we were allowed to bring a friend, depending on what we did and what day of the week our birthday's fell on. But, we always had a cake with candles and those ridiculous party hats.

My sister got home from school excited as ever, just like any typical kid would. I told my mom I wanted to give her my gift first. My sis was super excited as she saw me push a huge box out into the living room. She opened up and couldn't believe that it really was full of rocks and gravel. But that's not the best part.

After my mom convinced her that wasn't her real gift she took her into the kitchen where the "real" presents were. She ripped the paper off the boxes so excited, then her face brightened up even more when she saw it was what she wanted. I think she even jumped up and down several times screaming.

Ready to play and blow off her birthday celebration, my sister began ripping the box open. In doing so, she found the boxes were empty. My mom had set up the Playstation, so it was ready to play before we left for our events that evening.

My sister didn't care, once she saw those boxes were empty she cried and cried and cried. My mom even showed her the Playstation all set up and the tears just kept coming. It was like the poor girl's puppy was stolen.

Since that day, we have never played a joke on her again. The funny thing is, she still talks about how much that birthday sucked even though she got all that she wanted.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Dear World, you piss me off...

I'm sure you have all had one of those days where everything pisses you off, no matter what.

Well, it is one of those days for me. I woke up just pissy as ever and haven't seemed to shake it yet. Anyone have any good jokes? haha.

So I decided to make this my vent for everything is pissing me and what I wish I could say to those contributing to my mood. Hope you enjoy.

Guy who cut me off: You're lucky I have brakes or your rear would have been bit by my bumper. The only reason I hit the brakes was because I was running late.

Sports girl: I understand you feel like you have something to prove being an old chick in sports, but sayin stupid shit and playing ridiculous noises on your computer is not the way to do it. FYI you are not a cougar give it up.

Bathroom phone girl: DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT talk on your cell phone while you are trying to pee, or others are trying to pee. Ever heard of a break room?

Sonic guy: Just give me my damn soda, I don't want your number and no I will not call you.

Man who wishes he was in charge: Don't complain to me about how much work you have, you basically have a 3 day work week. Instead, I work close to 50+ hours a week with the lack of help and do it with a "smile."

Alarm clock: I wish when I hit snooze you would go off in exactly 10minutes instead of making up your own mine. You need to be replaced.

Married guy: While your flirtatious comments and emails can be flattering, you are married and I have morals.

Ex boyfriend: I am tried of getting your damn playboys in my mailbox. Change the address or I will be forced to get you a subscription of playgirl.

Friends "boy toy": Look, I know you are just using my friend, it was very apparent when you offered to sleep with me in Vegas and have continued to do so. Don't worry, I will eventually convince her you're a loser.

Friend: I am so sick of hearing about your "boy toy" he doesn't want to be with you. I hate that you can't see his made up reasons for fighting are not a crutch, but instead a way to push you away so he can sleep with someone else. It's really hard biting my tongue when you talk about him.

Beer: Why do you have to have so many calories and not allowed at work?

I hope you all enjoyed my rant, the sad thing is I could go on but will save you all from my bitchiness.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I've been missing, and 8 things

OK OK, so I give you all the right to lock me up for being a bad blogger. I have been stuck in this crazy rut of lazyiness. Unfortunately that has caused me to put almost everything off other than working and keeping up my hygiene. I know, I know it is so terrible so I decided I was going to change that today!

In doing so, I got up and went to the gym, made my lunch for work, took my dog for a walk and started the dishwasher. Productive right? Now I am writing in my blog, cause I have missed the blogging world.

So slap my fingers with a ruler if you must, but here is my comeback!

The lovely Tamela wanted to know more about me so she tagged me in this wonderful 8 THINGS and I think it is an awesome idea. So here are my answers to 8 THINGS.

Here's how to do this 8 THINGS thing:

Mention the person that tagged you.
Complete the lists of 8's.
Tag 8 of your wonderful bloggy friends.
Go tell them you tagged them!


1. Going to Key West in November, it's a long wait.
2. The Festival of the Arts this weekend.
3. Going back to school and working on my masters.
4. Finding Prince Charming.
5. My trip to New York sometime this summer.
6. Spending weekends at the lake.
7. Going to the gym regularly...yes I actually do.
8. Getting a new car


1. Watched a silly ABC Family movie.
2. Called the RedBox people because I couldn't turn my movie in and in turn got two free ones!
3. Went to the market and got some much needed groceries.
4. Cooked some food for lunch/dinner for a few days.
5. Had dinner with a friend.
6. Played a video game.
7. Cleaned up my place.
8. Walked my dog.


1. Make a lot more money.
2. Fly or teleport.
3. Lay off the sweets, but it is so dang hard.
4. Have a cool Austrailan or English accent.
5. Buy my dream car and house.
6. Take a year off and travel the world.
7. Be a morning person, even though I am the furthest thing from it.
8. Start my own company.


1. Grey's Anatomy
2. 90210 (old and new)
3. Ugly Betty
4. Sex and the City
5. The Real Housewives of New York
6. Samantha Who
7. Diet Tribe
8. Sophie

1.Little Woman
2.a H.I.T
7.April's Wonderland
8.The Pure and Simple Truth

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A courthouse strip search?

This afternoon I had to make a trip to the county courthouse; not because I committed a crime, got a ticket or anything grand; but instead because I had to pick up some paperwork for work. Exciting right?

Well I have been to this courthouse one other time, to pay a ticket, and I don't remember it being this crazy.

Upon arrival, I had to walk through a metal detector and run my purse through the camera thing. Well of course, I managed to set the alarm off...great.

The cop didn't seem to happy and I walked through three more times. I didn't have anything in my pockets, my shoes didn't have zippers and I didn't have any metal jewelry on... what the hell?

Then I reached up and realized I had my bluetooth on. The cop refused to believe it was my bluetooth and made me walk through again claiming it was "the way I walked through." I set the alarm off again and said I didn't think his trick worked. He looked grumpy and I took my bluetooth off as I walked through one last time and was clear. Imagine that?

Well great, in the clear right? WRONG. Next he kept arguing with me about there being a corkscrew in my purse. I kept telling him over and over again that I did not have a corkscrew and asked if it could have been my large key, or a key chain. "No, no, no it's a corkscrew."

Another cop must have noticed that I was there forever and he walked up. I told him that there was not a corkscrew in my purse like the other man claimed and be began digging through my purse, only to find nothing.

Then, the lady behind me suddenly says, "I have a corkscrew in my purse." So after my 20 minutes of torture, it wasn't even my purse.

Moral of the story: Never take your purse into the courthouse.

On a side note:
My calf is all cramped up from running, anyone have any ideas on how to help it. I have been stretching like crazy.

Friday, April 10, 2009

101 Things About Me ...

Well I have seen a ton of people doing this lately and decided I might as well join the growing trend. Better late than never right?

So here are 101 things about me you may not know:

1. I lived in Arizona for four years and never have seen the Grand Canyon.

2. I fell and broke my four front teeth in half when I was 5 and still have nightmares about losing my teeth.

3. I can't remember the name of the very first boy I ever kissed.

4. When we were my brother threw a baseball at me and left huge knot on my arm so I chased him with a plastic baseball bat and I was the one that got in trouble.

5. My favorite color is pink.

6. On year my little sister made me a birthday cake and the color scheme looked like I was having a baby shower, not a birthday.

7. I actually gave a 'box of rocks' as a gift.

8. I was born on the 4th of July and for the longest time thought that the whole world celebrated me.

9. I have been electrocuted and was lucky to have survived.

10. I have only seen the ocean one time.

11. I hope to one day have the kiss in the rain from "The Notebook."

12. I believe chivalry isn't dead.

13. I'm naturally blonde.

14. I have been burnette and don't think either are more superior.

15. There's nothing better than comfy pajamas.

16. I have a body pillow that I often wrap around me while I sleep.

17. I am one of those "Twilight" people.

18. Sometimes I think about how awesome it would be to have my own Edward.

19. I used to play soccer.

20. I hated hitting the ball with my head, it always gave me a headache.

21. I got kicked out of a game when I was little because a girl kicked me in the shin and I kicked her back.

22. I've never left the country.

23. One of my best friends lives in Canada, I need to go see her.

24. I think I was meant to do something great, but not sure what that is yet.

25. I have an obsession with chocolate and peanut butter.

26. I love helping people.

27. One time I reached out and hugged a stranger because she was crying.

28. One of the best concerts I have ever been to was Bon Jovi.

29. I went skinny dipping in a random river.

30. I can open and drink an entire bottle of wine without thinking about it.

31. One of my most favorite shows is Grey's Anatomy.

32. I thought about becoming a nurse, but am afraid I am too squeamish.

33. I love Greek Mythology.

34. I hope to go to Greece someday.

35. Growing up I wanted to be a photographer and a teacher.

36. I am neither of those.

37. I could lay outside in the pitch black staring at the stars for hours.

38. I would be perfectly content with wearing flip flops every day, if the weather allowed me to.

39. I blew of going on study abroad for a boy, and I regret it.

40. That boy I blew study abroad off for I dated for 3 years and got engaged during our relationship.The only reason I found out was because he left his email open on my computer and there were wedding arrangements on it.

41. He said he didn't tell me because I was his "best friend." Ironic?

42. I drink at least one diet soda a day.

43. Captain Morgan and I are great friends.

44. Ben & Jerry are two of my favorite men.

45. I think Walmart is trying to take over the world.

46. I want to see the world.

47. I have often thought about being spontaneous and just moving somewhere random.

48. Then I look at the economy and my student loans and realize today isn't the day.

49. My most favorite chips are those buffalo ranch doritos.

50. The only beans I eat are green beans. And yes I pick them out and can taste them.

51. I wish they would open a Coach outlet here.

52. I would always be broke if they did.

53. I work afternoons into the night, and thought it was great but now wish I was "normal."

54. I love to travel.

55. I have never broken a bone.

56. My car was struck by lightning and managed to come out kickin afterwards.

57. I have this theory that electricity is out to get me. My two happenings shown above have given me this outlook.

58. I believe that even though the sun constantly rises and sets, life is never in order.

59. I have seen a tornado.

60. I love video games.

61. Even though it is said you should have no regrets, I have a few.

62. Looking back I wish I had called my mom every day.

63. I am trying to change that by staying in constant contact with the family I have left.

64. I like thunderstorms can be sexy.

65. This Halloween I plan to be a dominatrix, I just need to find a slave.

66. After watching Twister, I thought I wanted to be a storm chaser for the longest time.

67. Tornadoes still scare me.

68. I always make sure my toe nails are painted.

69. I rarely paint my finger nails.

70. I love to drink vitamin water.

71. Chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses.

72. I am a little bit nosey and listen to other people around me.

73. I am also a people watcher.

74. I have been cow tipping, and yes it really is fun.

75. One of the hardest things I have ever done was plan my mom's funeral.

76. I think my little brother will invent something to make him a millionaire.

77. When I type, I keep my fingers on the "home keys" and never look at the keyboard.

78. One of my favorite past times is spending the weekend at the lake.

79. Fall is probably my favorite seasons.

80. I love hoodies.

81. I ran away from home one time growing up, I didn't make it very far before I went back.

82. I don't "forward" chain texts or e-mails.

83. I love to clothing shop, but don't like shopping with other people because they complain about how long I take or how picky I am.

84. My first car wreck was 3 days after I turned 16.

85. I haven't been a NASCAR fan, but have been to a few races and of course I had a blast.

86. After Sept. 11 I was in New York, and took my shirt off and wrote on it then hung it on the fence. I went back to the hotel with just a jacket and a bra.

87. I tried to donate some of my hair to cancer patients one year when I grew it out, but they wouldn't take it because I had dyed my hair.

88. I am planning on running in Race for the Cure this year.

89. I have a "weird obsession" with ducks.

90. My bathroom is covered in rubber duckies.

91. Sometimes I still buy Crayola's and coloring books and have coloring sessions.

92. I occasionally walk through the toy isle's or toy stores just to see what is out now and how much toys have changed.

93. I'm witty and like to give people a hard time.

94. Sometimes I come off as a bitch because I'm quiet when I first meet someone.

95. I'm quiet because I am trying to figure the person out.

96. I can usually tell in the first 10 mins of meeting someone if I will like them or not. There have been a few that have proved me wrong.

97. I one time helped saved some pigs that were in a semi that tipped sideways.

98. I am easily distracted, my brain never shuts off.

99. I fall asleep with the tv on, unless I have someone to cuddle me.

100. I love to cuddle.

101. I have an irrational fear if spiders.

Fires Attack

I spent most of yesterday glued to the news and I watched a large amount of a city burn down. And all I could do was hope that I would be safe from this natural disaster.

Luckily I was, at least for now. No one threw out a cigarette or caught something on fire near me so the wind didn't bring on another disaster. But not too long ago a couple of my neighbors lost their places, so the fear of a fire has hit home.

There is something about fire that scares me. I mean don't get me wrong I love bonfire parties or relaxing by a fireplace, but the threat of fire scares me. I guess it is because it can get so out of control so quickly and destroy so much.

Well, I hope everyone has these poor Oklahomans and Texans who no longer have homes and history has been erased. I know I do. Here are some pictures of the destruction.

*Photos from The Oklahoman and Associated Press

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yay, more awards!

So one of my favorite ladies, a H.I.T, gave me some great awards and I have been slow to put them up. Sorry!

So I was given these awards and I love them!

And since I love all my followers I want to pass them on to you!

Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm addicted...

So over the weekend I managed to become addicted to Bravo, and it didn't take much.

My friend had told me about this show she constantly watches called "Millionaire Matchmaker." I'm not a fan of those silly romance shows, but was told I had to see it. Well when I got home I just happened to see it on. I thought the show was pretty funny, but don't think it is going to land a spot on my Tivo. There was this one girl that flat annoyed me, but I guess that is pretty common on the show. The host was pretty demanding of her clientele and the show really seems like show searching for hot hookups for rich men. But that isn't what got me addicted.

I also watched three episodes of The Real Housewives of New York City. That did it, and I decided that's what I want to be when I grow up.

While watching the show I son realized I <3 Bethenny. I think she is great and is doing amazing as a single mom. She is fun, strong willed and man I wish I could afford her for a days worth of meals. I am going to buy her book this week!

Kelly rubbed me the wrong way and I am not sure that I will ever like her. I think that she is a little too stuck on herself, and thinks the world should revolve around her. Not to mention, I think she is a bit manly.

The others didn't make a huge impression on me, but I didn't dislike them. I think Jill is hilarious and defiantly a dominate woman. Maybe since I only watched three episodes I am completely behind. haha. I need to catch up!

I guess I was addicted to the show because a lot of these women are doing great things for themselves and aren't the typical "stereotype" of a rich housewife. I like how they are so involved and a lot of them have their own personal income.

But I am not sure I could ever spend $30,000 on a dress.

How do I fit in?

Well,even though I am what most would consider a "country girl" since I didn't grow up in a major city, I absolutely love New York and always have. I really think I could be extremely happy there, but I find myself constantly searching for that perfect job that could put me on that path. I love the city life and all the people I have came into contact with. I guess I just need to find the perfect husband to go with it :)