Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A box of rocks

In my 101 Things About Me post, one of my reader's asked me to write about me giving a box of rocks as a gift. So, being a pretty quiet day on the homefront I decided to share that story.

A little background info:

I have a sister is who 7 years younger than me and was born on April Fools day (April 1st). Now, I love my sister to death, but the poor girl can't take a joke for anything. She is one of those... can dish it out but can't take it back kind of people. I have learned to live with it, but it has taken many years to do so.

The story:

I believe it was my sister's 7th or 8th birthday, and final year of playing a prank on her. My mom and I had planned a great surprise for her. She wanted a PlayStation so bad and that's was her gift, along with some of the games she wanted.

Well prior to her birthday my sister is notorious for asking what she was going to get. My mom and I typically told her nothing, but during this year I kept telling her a box of rocks. She didn't believe me.

The day of her birthday we were all set up for her party when so got home. In my family we rarely had "typical parties" with a bunch of screaming kids, no parents and big messes. Instead, we would just get to pick out anything we wanted to do that day and we did it. Sometimes we were allowed to bring a friend, depending on what we did and what day of the week our birthday's fell on. But, we always had a cake with candles and those ridiculous party hats.

My sister got home from school excited as ever, just like any typical kid would. I told my mom I wanted to give her my gift first. My sis was super excited as she saw me push a huge box out into the living room. She opened up and couldn't believe that it really was full of rocks and gravel. But that's not the best part.

After my mom convinced her that wasn't her real gift she took her into the kitchen where the "real" presents were. She ripped the paper off the boxes so excited, then her face brightened up even more when she saw it was what she wanted. I think she even jumped up and down several times screaming.

Ready to play and blow off her birthday celebration, my sister began ripping the box open. In doing so, she found the boxes were empty. My mom had set up the Playstation, so it was ready to play before we left for our events that evening.

My sister didn't care, once she saw those boxes were empty she cried and cried and cried. My mom even showed her the Playstation all set up and the tears just kept coming. It was like the poor girl's puppy was stolen.

Since that day, we have never played a joke on her again. The funny thing is, she still talks about how much that birthday sucked even though she got all that she wanted.


Melissa said...

AHHH that sucks. But it was just a joke, if my brother would have done that to me I would be pretty upset at the time but I'd be thinking about how to get him back. Pranks are fun...kinda!

a H.I.T. said...

I hate to admit it, but I am totally your sister in this story. I always had jokes played on me when I was younger and to this day, I hate practical jokes.

Lil' Woman said...

lol..I love pranks...I get upset a little when people get me but then I just start plotting revenge on them.

Stacie said...

OK, I love this. I just saw you on 20SB. I think I could get really into your blog. I look forward to reading more! (And I'll add myself to your followers.)

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