Thursday, April 30, 2009


There's nothing like calling your phone provider, and getting free stuff. Today, that happened for me and I am more than happy.

I received a text message from my provider the other day and was told I could get a special deal on a new phone they were launching. I debated back and forth between getting that phone for the amazing deal or possibly purchasing a new phone off eBay. Well, I decided getting a brand new phone for cheaper was the best solution for me.

So, I logged on to their Web site and signed up for the "upgrade" only to find they were only offering me a $20 discount. So, not what the text said. A bit peeved, I called and told them the dilemma. The funny thing is, the representative basically talked me out of it. Not because he couldn't give it to me, but because I had in fact never had that type of phone before.

But, here comes the kicker. I told them I wasn't happy to receive a text about a promotional offer that I wasn't included on and that I have been a customer for a long time, but maybe it was time to switch. This prompted why? So, as nice cordial as I could be I told him what was up and that the discounts are terrible on new phones and it is almost cheaper for me to start a new contract with a new company to get a cool phone at a cheap rate. Then he started bending over backwards to keep me.

What did he do you ask? Well I now only pay $50.00 a month and have unlimited nationwide minutes and I also am getting a new phone in the mail that is only costing me $140. That phone is below the cost of a new contract.

So all-in-all I walked away satisfied. If the new phone I get sucks, I'll return it and probably switch companies. But hey, it's worth a shot right?


Moonjava said...

I've learned the last few times for cell phone renewal to "bargain". If you don't ask, you don't get. The worse they can say is "no", right?! :) Glad you got yourself a deal. I just renewed my family plan a few months back and made out with an awesome deal myself, more minutes, which I barely touch, and cheaper by almost $20, with unlimited texting for my phone (not that I come close to unlimited anyways). :)

Stacie said...

Good for you! :) We're coming up on a contract renewal this summer, and I can't wait to get a new phone!

Jess said...

Hope it all works out for you - I've had bad experiences with cell phone contracts! I've just finished one up and I don't intend on getting another one. If I do get another phone - pay as you go, all the way!

a H.I.T. said...

I do that every time my contract is up - you always get an amazing companies HATE losing customers!

Lil' Woman said...

Hope it works out for you!

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