Friday, April 10, 2009

101 Things About Me ...

Well I have seen a ton of people doing this lately and decided I might as well join the growing trend. Better late than never right?

So here are 101 things about me you may not know:

1. I lived in Arizona for four years and never have seen the Grand Canyon.

2. I fell and broke my four front teeth in half when I was 5 and still have nightmares about losing my teeth.

3. I can't remember the name of the very first boy I ever kissed.

4. When we were my brother threw a baseball at me and left huge knot on my arm so I chased him with a plastic baseball bat and I was the one that got in trouble.

5. My favorite color is pink.

6. On year my little sister made me a birthday cake and the color scheme looked like I was having a baby shower, not a birthday.

7. I actually gave a 'box of rocks' as a gift.

8. I was born on the 4th of July and for the longest time thought that the whole world celebrated me.

9. I have been electrocuted and was lucky to have survived.

10. I have only seen the ocean one time.

11. I hope to one day have the kiss in the rain from "The Notebook."

12. I believe chivalry isn't dead.

13. I'm naturally blonde.

14. I have been burnette and don't think either are more superior.

15. There's nothing better than comfy pajamas.

16. I have a body pillow that I often wrap around me while I sleep.

17. I am one of those "Twilight" people.

18. Sometimes I think about how awesome it would be to have my own Edward.

19. I used to play soccer.

20. I hated hitting the ball with my head, it always gave me a headache.

21. I got kicked out of a game when I was little because a girl kicked me in the shin and I kicked her back.

22. I've never left the country.

23. One of my best friends lives in Canada, I need to go see her.

24. I think I was meant to do something great, but not sure what that is yet.

25. I have an obsession with chocolate and peanut butter.

26. I love helping people.

27. One time I reached out and hugged a stranger because she was crying.

28. One of the best concerts I have ever been to was Bon Jovi.

29. I went skinny dipping in a random river.

30. I can open and drink an entire bottle of wine without thinking about it.

31. One of my most favorite shows is Grey's Anatomy.

32. I thought about becoming a nurse, but am afraid I am too squeamish.

33. I love Greek Mythology.

34. I hope to go to Greece someday.

35. Growing up I wanted to be a photographer and a teacher.

36. I am neither of those.

37. I could lay outside in the pitch black staring at the stars for hours.

38. I would be perfectly content with wearing flip flops every day, if the weather allowed me to.

39. I blew of going on study abroad for a boy, and I regret it.

40. That boy I blew study abroad off for I dated for 3 years and got engaged during our relationship.The only reason I found out was because he left his email open on my computer and there were wedding arrangements on it.

41. He said he didn't tell me because I was his "best friend." Ironic?

42. I drink at least one diet soda a day.

43. Captain Morgan and I are great friends.

44. Ben & Jerry are two of my favorite men.

45. I think Walmart is trying to take over the world.

46. I want to see the world.

47. I have often thought about being spontaneous and just moving somewhere random.

48. Then I look at the economy and my student loans and realize today isn't the day.

49. My most favorite chips are those buffalo ranch doritos.

50. The only beans I eat are green beans. And yes I pick them out and can taste them.

51. I wish they would open a Coach outlet here.

52. I would always be broke if they did.

53. I work afternoons into the night, and thought it was great but now wish I was "normal."

54. I love to travel.

55. I have never broken a bone.

56. My car was struck by lightning and managed to come out kickin afterwards.

57. I have this theory that electricity is out to get me. My two happenings shown above have given me this outlook.

58. I believe that even though the sun constantly rises and sets, life is never in order.

59. I have seen a tornado.

60. I love video games.

61. Even though it is said you should have no regrets, I have a few.

62. Looking back I wish I had called my mom every day.

63. I am trying to change that by staying in constant contact with the family I have left.

64. I like thunderstorms can be sexy.

65. This Halloween I plan to be a dominatrix, I just need to find a slave.

66. After watching Twister, I thought I wanted to be a storm chaser for the longest time.

67. Tornadoes still scare me.

68. I always make sure my toe nails are painted.

69. I rarely paint my finger nails.

70. I love to drink vitamin water.

71. Chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses.

72. I am a little bit nosey and listen to other people around me.

73. I am also a people watcher.

74. I have been cow tipping, and yes it really is fun.

75. One of the hardest things I have ever done was plan my mom's funeral.

76. I think my little brother will invent something to make him a millionaire.

77. When I type, I keep my fingers on the "home keys" and never look at the keyboard.

78. One of my favorite past times is spending the weekend at the lake.

79. Fall is probably my favorite seasons.

80. I love hoodies.

81. I ran away from home one time growing up, I didn't make it very far before I went back.

82. I don't "forward" chain texts or e-mails.

83. I love to clothing shop, but don't like shopping with other people because they complain about how long I take or how picky I am.

84. My first car wreck was 3 days after I turned 16.

85. I haven't been a NASCAR fan, but have been to a few races and of course I had a blast.

86. After Sept. 11 I was in New York, and took my shirt off and wrote on it then hung it on the fence. I went back to the hotel with just a jacket and a bra.

87. I tried to donate some of my hair to cancer patients one year when I grew it out, but they wouldn't take it because I had dyed my hair.

88. I am planning on running in Race for the Cure this year.

89. I have a "weird obsession" with ducks.

90. My bathroom is covered in rubber duckies.

91. Sometimes I still buy Crayola's and coloring books and have coloring sessions.

92. I occasionally walk through the toy isle's or toy stores just to see what is out now and how much toys have changed.

93. I'm witty and like to give people a hard time.

94. Sometimes I come off as a bitch because I'm quiet when I first meet someone.

95. I'm quiet because I am trying to figure the person out.

96. I can usually tell in the first 10 mins of meeting someone if I will like them or not. There have been a few that have proved me wrong.

97. I one time helped saved some pigs that were in a semi that tipped sideways.

98. I am easily distracted, my brain never shuts off.

99. I fall asleep with the tv on, unless I have someone to cuddle me.

100. I love to cuddle.

101. I have an irrational fear if spiders.


Tamela said...

91. Sometimes I still buy Crayola's and coloring books and have coloring sessions.

Me too, but I am anal about my coloring books. No one but me can color in them and I date them when I finish coloring them!

Lil' Woman said...

"57. I have this theory that electricity is out to get me. My two happenings shown above have given me this outlook."

no really, I would be scared shitless if I were you, thats some scary stuff!

Jess said...

I always love reading people's About Me posts. Always lots of fun. This was great/interesting/good first post for me to read!

I'd like to hear more of the story on you actually giving someone a box of rocks as a present. Hilarious.

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