Thursday, April 23, 2009

Did you get my text?

If you are like me, then you are a text messaging fool. I find myself texting all the time. I actually think I prefer texting over holding actual phone conversations most of the time, it's even worse if I'm a bit tipsy.

Where is she going with this you ask?

Well, I decided to share bits and pieces of my funny text message conversations.

Conversation 1

Me: You don't think farmers tans are sexy?
Person: Actually I kinda do. I bet you could rock the shit out of a farmers tan!
Me: Haha that and a mullet
Person: That's just kinky and wrong... yet I'm strangely turned on.
Me: Business in the front, party in the back.
Person: That's what she said.

Conversation 2

Person: People sure do like wallpaper.
Me: For like a computer? (yeah if that doesn't show my nerdiness I don't know what will)
Person: No for like a house, I guess I should have clarified.
Me: Oh well, good thing you can scrub that crap off.
Person: Good thing you're going to help.
Me: Oh wait, ugh, I love wall paper it accents everything.

Conversation 3

Me: I just heard an ad for a dating service that hooks you up with single rich men. Since we are sexy bitches, we could probably score a couple.
Me: Oh shit, sorry dad.

Conversation 4

Person: Lol, hooray for tests.
Me: Oh yay tests are great!!!
Person: Especially when you forget about them.
Me: Even better!
Person: Of course its like a gift that keeps giving.
Me: Kind of like herpes.

OK, there are a few of my silly conversations. I used to have a ton of funny ones, but I guess since time has gone on they have deleted from my phone. :(

This post was inspired by a Web site I learned about through Twitter. The Web site is Txts frm lst nght. You all should check it out. Here are some good posts on there currently:

(301): Drunk x Brooklyn = problems getting home. If I don't make it you can have my computer and my bitches. You're welcome.

(925) 2:45a: Any chance you got 3000 bucks on you?

(703): Its not drinking alone if you got Tiger on the Wii.

(248): We should go out drinking together soon
(734): I'm still not going to have sex with you

(773): I really like you and I'm tired of just hooking up. I want you be my boyfriend.
(1-773): Uhh, I'm not breaking up with my girlfriend to be with you.

(818): Is it bad to mix sunny d with vodka if i dont have any real OJ?
(770): I've mixd ketchup with vodka before and called it a bloody mary, so, no.

(312): i wonder why nobody wants to date doing a crossword at work and asked out loud: whats a 4 letter word for 'a reason to get married?'
(312): i was like PREG?

OK, I could keep posting, but I hope you enjoy :)


Tamela said...

haha Conversation 3 is my favorite! I laughed out loud!

Lil' Woman said...

Good try on Conversation 2

Jess said...

Conversation 3 was/is awesome!! Did your Dad respond to it?

And, I'm going to check this site out now - that's brilliant!

Trixie said...

Haha, actually dad said -- good luck with that.

I was so embarrassed!

Mike said...

I love joking around in texts. Gotta be precise but you can throw little jokes in here and there. Always nice getting a funny text

steph anne said...

these text conversations are hilarious especially the dad one!

My dad probably would've replied and said, "You better grab & twist their balls!"

a H.I.T. said...

I LOVE conversation 3!

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