Friday, September 25, 2009

Seeing red

Have you ever been so mad you're seeing red?

I am at that stage right now, and have been since yesterday. Why you ask?

Well here is when anonymity comes in handy. I am so pissed about my job right now that in all honestly if I could survive on a Taco Bell salary I would have submitted my resignation yesterday. Crazy, huh?

Last week I was approached by "the boss" about upcoming changes in the company. Now with the recession and layoffs I understand that you must be flexible in order to keep your job. In all honesty, I have been extremely flexible. I have changed my job description, I have taken on a ton more work and I have changed my schedule.

Apparently that isn't good enough.

I was confronted and told to give my best argument about why things should stay the way they are currently. I gave some reasons about my workload, my prior flexibility and most importantly lastly my personal life. I told the boss I have submitted to every request possible, but there were some things I don't think would be fair to me.

Where did that get me? NOWHERE!

Last night I found out that not only was my schedule changed (and the worst possible change it could be) but also that I will be taking on even more work than before. I already work my fingers to the bone, but that isn't good enough. My coworker found out the same thing, and what did she do? She put in her notice of resignation.

The "boss" just wanted to use her newly found power against me and take control. There is no need for my work life to change, whatever happened to that old say ... "don't fix it if it isn't broke?" That doesn't apply at my job. We keep fixing and fixing and fixing and people will continue to quit.

So where does this leave me? It leaves me with a terrible schedule that in all honestly if knew it was going to come to this I wouldn't have taken the job in the first place and it leaves me without my coworker. Yay, I also get to do her work too.

Sorry that this blog is just a big bitch session, but in all honesty I am so furious right now. I was up until 4am this morning searching and applying for new jobs in hopes that I can screw them just like they've screwed me.


Tamela said...

I would be pissed also. Sometimes it seems like they do those things on purpose just to piss you off. I hope you are able to get a different job, its sounds like you need a change of scenery and get out of that crappy place. The obviously don't appreciate their employees to listen to them.

Moonjava said...

Sorry to hear that things are so bad at work. Good luck with the new job search, I hope you find something!

Kristen said...

sorry to hear about that, good luck to you in either finding a new job or figuring out something better where you're at!

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh, I'm sorry girl...I hope you can find a new job...that job sounds like it is just going to keep getting worse.

New England Girl said...

Ugh. I am SO sorry to hear about this. And I so hope you find a new job sooner than later. You shouldn't have to deal with all of this stress- it's too much! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Anais said...

This is awful!! I'm so sorry about that, and you totally have every right to bitch about those changes!

To be honest I'm also seeing red, I had the hugest fight with my sister the other night.

You are strong and you will get through this! I just hope that things get better soon that's for sure! *HUGS*

Moonjava said...

PS. I tagged you with an award!

Andhari said...

Let it all out, girlie. Let it all out. Some people cant deal with power, they'd abuse it in the first place.

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