Thursday, March 18, 2010

I love animals ...

"I love animals, I love animals, I love animals"

Yes I kept repeating that over and over in my head this morning to try and keep from fuming. So what happened?

Well, last night my cat and I were all cuddled up in bed snoozing. Cute right? Well about 7 a.m. I hear, hack, hack hack hack. As soon as I hear it and realize what it was I lifted my head up off of the pillow. I realized then that my cat was about to throw up inches from my face. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough and my sweet precious cat puke on my pillow and on my sheets. Gross!!

So, at 7 a.m. this morning I got up and changed my sheets and pillow. That's right, I love animals.


Lil' Woman said...

Ewww....gross! lol

Jess said... terrible!! At least you woke up before your face got puked on, right??!

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