Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Wii Fit Plus ...

... beat me up.

After Nintendo announced that it was producing a new Wii Fit, I found myself very jealous. I had purchased the regular Wii Fit late January and couldn't believe a new one was coming out so soon after. Well, over the weekend I had a brilliant idea. I returned my first one and then bought the new one.

How? Well I had never opened the first one. Crazy huh? I know that sounds really terrible, but after my mom died my whole workout routine took a turn for the worst. I had no desire to do anything, so my poor Wii Fit sat in it's box on my dining room table.

After getting the new Wii Fit Plus, I was so excited to play it. Unfortunately I had to go and see Zombieland first. By the way, that movie is totally awesome and everyone should see it. Well I got home about 12:30 a.m. and decided now's the time to play Wii.

I sat it all up and began to play. It was so much fun, I couldn't believe how many calories I actually burned. But, apparently my downstairs neighbor didn't enjoy me running in place at 1:30 a.m. and he started banging on my ceiling. I totally felt like I was in an episode of Friends for a minute. I knew I would have to put my fun on hold after that one.

The next day I decided to play again. I spent quite a bit of time on the silly board. I did every strength exercise they offer, some aerobics and even a few other games. It was so much fun a time flew by.

But here we are on Tuesday and I can feel the pain of the workout. How sad is that? My arms are sore, my abs are sore and even my calves are sore. I forgot what it feels like when the muscles burn. It feels great!

So, I will keep up my Wii Fit challenge and plan on starting to hit the gym again. You'd be surprised how out of shape you get just from taking a few months off. I know I am pretty rusty.


If anyone has a Wii Fit have you found that it helps? Have you found any other games that are fun?


Kym said...

wow, they let you return it after that long? (even if it was unopened?) thats awesome! and dont you hate that? you buy something that's new and current and like 3 months later, they've updated it to something better!!! boooo!

Anais said...

Good job!! Whenever I go visit my parents and brother I use their Wii fit and I SWEAT! And I run about 15 miles a week lol!

Your post made me think of these new Wii fit commercials that I've been seeing where it looks like Grey's/Desperate Housewives set... anyways they're fun :)

Btw, I'm really sorry to hear about your mom, I didn't know... It's totally understandable that working out would have gone out the window!

Tracie said...

I think I am wanting one of these for Christmas (tell my husband!!) I have always wondered just how good of a workout you get from one, but you have convinced me!

Tamela said...

Man, I have been wanting to get a wii fit forever now.

And Zombieland was awesome. Gotta love the double tap step!

Jill said...

When I first discovered Wii bowling, I woke up the next day with severe arm pain because I had played so many rounds. I was in so much pain that I had to to the elipitcal armless.

Stacie said...

We have a Wii Fit and I enjoy it. I was making weird noises doing the yoga b/c I could not do it! It was ridiculous. I would love to check out the new game.

Thena said...

Stopping by from Sits!!! Were just now getting the girls a Wii for Christmas, maybe Santa can sneak me the wii fit. lol

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