Thursday, February 11, 2010

Random Thoughts

Today has been a rather strange day for me. I don't know, maybe it is the weather or maybe it is just me going insane. I decided I'd just write down some of my random thoughts or happenings from today. Enjoy.

  • I got a shout out from my professor yesterday about how great I am doing. Did I mention everyone in the class got to see that shout out? I still feel like a rock star.
  • It's snowing ... again. I'm not sure if it is going to be a bad storm or not. I'm so ready for warm weather.
  • I'm still going crazy at work. I still feel overworked and underpaid. I guess that is why I am pursuing my masters to begin with.
  • I need a vacation.
  • Here lately I have had this weird obsession with kettle cooked jalapeno chips. It is starting to get bad.
  • Have you ever wanted to just hit someone with your car? No, I don't mean like run over someone. I just wish I could add padding and rubber to my car and knock all the jerks off the highway. Grrr, I hate stupid drivers.
  • I keep getting an itch to move. I constantly check the newspaper and craigslist for some sort of house to move into. I'm so over apartment life. Sadly, with the market being crappy rent has skyrocketed on houses.
  • Why is it people with diabetes continue to drink nondiet soda and eat candy all day? I mean this is the same guy constantly complaining about the possibility of insulin shots. Well drinking a 2-liter of sugar loaded soda at work and poppin the m&ms won't help, I swear.
  • I'm not feeling well. I want to go home.

Hope you are all having a Happy Thursday!


Anais said...

Hope your Friday is going better! I totally get your urge to move though... Because I used to move every 4 years, it's sort of still with me. Move to Ottawa!!! :P

Lil' Woman said...

Hope you feel better...have a good weekend! :)

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