Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm an airhead baby, so why don't you pop me

Have you ever had those moments where you feel like a complete moron? Those moments where you look someone blankly in the face and have no idea what you are doing, often called airhead moments?

Well, I had one of those yesterday.

I don't know if it is was because it was very early in the morning and I had very little sleep, or if it was because I was at the doctor but I completely lost it. Upon arrival I had this form to fill out, to update my information in their system. You know, it was the basic stuff like name, address, emergency contact, and phone number oh shit phone number.

I blanked.

Seriously, I completely forgot my own phone number. It's not like this was a brand new number, it's not like I just got it yesterday. In fact, I have had this number for years and years and I couldn't remember.

So what did I do?

I wrote down the first number I could think of. And what was it? It was a phone number my family had probably 7 years ago. Yep, I thought of a number from 7 years ago, but couldn't think of my own.

I didn't even realize what I had done until I handed the paper over to the receptionist and she asked me for a second number. Oh shit, another number I thought about it for a second and then, get this, I told her one of my first cell phone numbers. AHHHH!

Luckily, I saved myself and said wait no, that isn't a good one use this one, and gave her my correct number. Such a sly cover-up don't you think? At least she has one line she can reach me at.

So there you have it, my airhead moment of the week. And since I love hearing from my readers, I have to ask you ... what's one of your airhead moments?


angel6033 said...

This was so funny, I have had this happen to me before,damn phone numbers lol. I have often forgotten mine so I give out my mom's cell phone, then she will wondre why she gets calls that are menat for me :) lol.

Stacie said...

I left the house this week without CLOSING (forget about locking) the back door. Sigh.

Andhari said...

When i'm so tired, I'm often like this too. WHich is pretty dangerous if I happen to drive a car lol

Bombshell BLISS said...

I've had that happen before only it usually comes out...."It's two on the speed dial".
Stopping by from SITS. Have a great week.

Tamela said...

I used to do that all the time with my lunch code we had to type in at school. I would freak out that I had forgotten it, but then my fingers would magically type it in. Or with my code on my lock on my locker. Always would forget that one. Thank goodness high school is long gone now! No more hard numbers to remember!!

Anais said...

That's so funny that you thought of a 7 year old phone number!!! I definitely have a lot of airhead moments (unfortunately). LIke when I declared that "cheese and wine don't go together" (I was referring to Cheetos. but everyone laughed lol). THankfully I can laugh at myself too :)

Kim said...

Hee Hee! I have those moments all the time. Mine somehow seem to happen a lot of times when people ask me a question. I think the answer but don't seem to realize that they can hear my thought until they've reacted as though I'm ignoring them! Eek!

Lil' Woman said...

I lock my keys in the car every other day.

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