Friday, December 4, 2009

In a great mood!

It's been awhile since I have been in a great mood. Sure I've had my happy moments, but typically it takes a lot to just be in a great mood. This past year and a half have given me a set of cards that I wish I could just fold, but unfortunately the dealer keeps giving me another.

But today, a huge burden has come off my shoulders.

Today my stepdad called and told me that he was going to meet with a woman to order my mom's headstone. A little bit later I got a call from my sister that made my dad. She said she talked to SD and said that he picked out a the headstone and has it ordered. She said that the news gets even better. I asked her what and she told me that he purchased a two headed headstone and that he purchased the plot next to her. She said that he is getting his name put on it.

So why is this such a relief?

Ever since we laid my mom to rest, my sister and I constantly felt like maybe we did the wrong thing. While we were going through the motions of getting the funeral taken care of we never thought of it. But, after the funeral our first thought was that our SD would get remarried eventually since he is still a young guy. We both felt like maybe we should have had my mother buried with her parents. I had this constant fear that she was going to be alone.

On November 22 (the day before what would have been her 43 birthday) we went to the cemetery as a family and brought her favorite yellow roses. We talked about a headstone and my SD said he wasn't going to be buried next to her or get a two headed stone. I'm not exactly sure what changed his mind, but I couldn't be happier. She was the love of his life and he hers, it's only right they lay together.

So what else does this mean? Well, I wonder how B*tch is going to take this. If you have no idea what I am talking about read my post here. Maybe she will be so furious that he made this decision she will just leave. One could only hope, right? I mean after all, she does get all pissy if you even mention the word mom (no matter if you are talking about my mom or someone elses).


Lil' Woman said...

That was nice of him...I'm glad you feel a bit better.

New England Girl said...

This is wonderful news for you and your sister. I'm so happy this has made you so happy. Sending hugs your way.

inthemainstream said...

I can't imagine how hard those decisions must be and how good you must feel now.


Kym said...

hey trixie :) i dont know all the details (as obvs i've been a bit m.i.a :( ) but i am glad to hear that things are looking up for ya! happy saturday!

Melissa said...

I'm gald that you feel better, I can't begin to understand how hard that is. Happy Sunday!


Tim said...

That is awesome to hear! We haven't gotten a headstone for my Dad or my younger sister (my younger sister committed suicide almost two years ago..). But anyways, sounds like you're doing well!

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