Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little bit of the Key's

Well, I had typed out another great story from my trip, but my computer went psycho and froze. Joys of cheap products my office buys. Gotta love it. Anyways, since I am tired and don't really want type it out again, I decided to put a few pics from Key West on here. I have a ton more, but these are some I had on my phone. Enjoy!

This a view we had of the boat races. It took me forever to get one on camera, they were so fast. It may not sound like the most fun thing to watch, but it really was awesome.

These two pictures are from the southern most point of the U.S. The water was so beautiful, I should have jumped in.

Here is the sunset in the Keys. I thought this picture was beautiful. I took this while partially drunk on our "booze cruise." It's a wonder I didn't drop my phone in the water.


michelle said...

great photos :) i've never been to key west, but it looks like an awesome place

Lil' Woman said...

Great pics! I've never been there either but would love to go!

Anais said...

So beautiful! Obviously, I need to go there one day! :)

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