Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Well I've been really slow about posting two lovely awards I was given, so here they are!

The lovely lady Tamela at A Brunette Making it One Day at a Time tagged me in the Keepsake award. Talk about making a girl feel special! If you haven't read her blog you should really do so, she is awesome and posts some great stuff!

Rules for this award:

1. Post a funny or sweet keepsake that tells something about you.

2. Pass the award onto 10 other bloggers that you think are keepers!

My keepsake: I am a great listener... so much though that I should probably be a psychologist. I try to help my friends and family out as much as possible and bring smiles to their faces.

Then, I was tagged by the lovely Chere at Teasingly Diverse for the Honest Scrap award! She is awesome, and I love reading her blog!

The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or 2.

Firstly you have to tell your readers 10 things about you they may not know, but that are true. Secondly you have to tag 10 people with the award.

10 {unknown} honest things:
1. I have never been in a fist fight even though with the mouth I had growing up, I'm impressed someone didn't knock me out.

2. I am addicted to text messaging. My minute usage is very minimal compared to the amount of text messages I send. I am also what you call a "drunk texter" instead of a drunk dialer.

3. In the 6th grade I decided I would be in band as opposed to P.E. and I wanted to play the clarinet or the saxophone. My mom made me play the flute since she did, and instead of learning how I pretended at ever performance.

4. I love love love subway, so much the workers know me by name and what I typically order.

5. The first time I got drunk I was 14, no 14 is not a typo.

6. I have never traveled outside of the country. :(

7. The first date I ever went on was to the drive-in.

8. I am the worst procrastinator ever. So bad that I have pulled all nighters on packing, writing papers and filling out paperwork.

9. I have an irrational fear of spiders
10. I used to think the whole world celebrated me on my birthday, July 4th.

Here are my 10 bloggers:

1. Kym @ Bee Creative

2. Jessica @ Alright, still

3. Kristen @ Happily Ever After

4. Stacie @ Buried The Lead

5. Moonjava @ Moonjava's Muse

6. Melissa @ Meme Love

7. Little Woman @ Little Woman Little Home

8. Mrs. Shu @ The Schumacher's

9. T @ Life as a G

10. June @ A Love Like Johnny and June


Melissa said...

Ahh Thank You Trixie!!

Moonjava said...

Thanks Trixie, and congrats on the awards!

Kym said...

awww thanks trixie! i shall do this tomorrow! :) and wait... you've never traveled outside the country?!?!!?!? =O which part of the states do you live in?

Jessica said...

Hey trixie! Just want to let you know that this is going to be my new blog. Damn it! I can't log on to my old blog and I've been trying since morning. Guess I can't do anything more about it than set up a new one.

Oh and I see that you tagged me huh? This belongs to me still, right? and not to that impostor who hacked into my account? I will do this asap. Please direct your link to my new blog. Thanks thanks trixie. For everything! :)

Stacie said...

Thanks so much! I will get this done today or tomorrow! :)

Mrs.Shu said...

Thanks for the award...so much fun!

June said...

Hi Trixie! Thanks for the award :-) I'll be doing it this afternoon. Love you blog!!

Trixie said...

Nope, never left the country... I am from Oklahoma... Sad thing is that I don't even have a passport, and one of my best friends lives in Canada.

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