Thursday, June 4, 2009

It's finally done, I hope

I have decided that insurance adjusters are worse than cable men, I mean seriously.

So today, I finally met with the adjuster handling the business with my car. My appointment was supposed to be from 12-2. Yes, it is a random time but I didn't have to be at work until 4 today so it worked. So I woke up about 11 so that I would be alive thinking he would probably come a knockin at 1230ish. Well, he didn't.

Wait. Wait. Wait.

It is 1:30 and I am starting to get impatient. I needed to get ready for work and I just had this feeling this guy was going to put me off until 1:59. Ding, Ding Ding! At 1:55 he calls and says he is 15 minutes away. Figures!

At this point I am very irritated because common courtesy says that an appointment between 12-2 means said party will show up no later than 1:30 (the cable man is an exception). Well, technically he wasn't even on time and I had to sit outside and wait for him.

Once he shows up he takes a million pictures of my car. Now why do you need pictures of the passenger side when the damage is on the back door drivers side? I ask and he claims it is company policy... my friend says it is because he is going to stalk me. :)

Well after about 30 minutes of that he says it is going to take half an hour to forty-five minutes for him to finish up his paperwork so I am "allowed" (since when I am not allowed to leave) to go back into my place.

Well it did take him about 45 minutes and he wrote me a check right there. It sucks because I got about half of the money that was said on the estimate I got from the body shop. He told me that the body shop will work with me price wise to make the repairs. Gee, thanks.

But all-in-all I am so glad that it is taken care of because I was about to go insane with phone calls, arguing and what not.


Kristen said...

should I admit that I spent 9 yrs in the insurance business? Luckily I was never on the claims side!

Tamela said...

Ugh i hate hate hate insurance men.

Thomas said...

I, for one, like having insurance people around. They make us lawyers look good.

Melissa said...

I hear IRS guy are worse.
I've never had any issues with insurance people but I'll take your word for it.

Kym said...

bahhh antyhing to do with cars is a pain! =S i can't believe he was THAT late.. it wouldn't have been pretty with me. i hate when ppl are late and don't call to let me know! hahaha! glad most of your car headache is over!

Lil' Woman said...

Ugh I hate insurance people..
When a lady hit my car a couple years ago, her and her insurance people kept giving me the run around for months and tried to tell me they closed my case because the stories didnt match up (the old lady lied).
ya know what I did, called the lady and told her my attorneys would be contacting her and that i would sue her..please believe she got back on her phone and no more than 2 weeks later, I got that check in the mail.

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