Thursday, June 11, 2009

When ghetto kids and Jessica Alba attack

If you don't live in any of the major cities, hell even a highly populated city, it is often exciting when a "big famous celebrity" shows up. Especially in Oklahoma, where are local celebrities that aren't country stars are weather men. Seriously.

The past few weeks and possibly this week as well, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson, and Casey Affleck were here making a film in a little town called Guthrie. And by little, I do mean little.

Once the word was spread, the masses went wild. So much so that I am waiting for the prison to call and say the arrested my friend for stalking. So far almost every time I log into my personal facebook page I see millions of pictures of people "stalking" the film site. The funny thing is the big bad bodyguards aren't letting anyone get close, but the photos keep coming. And even though I've seen millions of photo's not a single one has one of the stars mentioned above.

Jessica Attacks: So what did Jessica do?

Well she made her presence known by posting "public art" all over downtown Oklahoma City. She glued (apparently insanely well) shark posters all over downtown in an effort to support Shark Week, in landlocked Oklahoma. Don't worry Jessica, we will do our best to save our sharks.

Ghetto Kids Attack: Well, apparently Jessica started a trend and now all the ghetto kids have decided to attack with their spray paint cans (even though you have to be 18 to purchase it)and create their own version of this "public art" all around my apartment complex.

After living in the same place for three years (which is a miracle I've been in one place that long), a broken driver side mirror, and a stolen license plate I experienced my first "public art."

You're probably thinking I live somewhere crazy. Well even though it sounds like I live in a scary place, it really isn't too bad. It isn't the best of the best, but believe me it's not even close to some of the scarier places around here. I have never once been frightened(except for a few crazy neighbors and a stalker). And it hasn't been until recently that I have noticed an abundance of teenagers hanging around my area, it's been mostly 20-somethings and young parents with a little mix of old people.

But what it comes down to is growing up we've all had our fun, done a bunch of stupid things we shouldn't have, and maybe even did a little "public art," but seriously... I don't live in the projects, can you please take that crap to the stop sign, the over pass of a bridge or even the side of a train?


Lil' Woman said...

Come to Orlando. These kids are beyond ghetto down here, boy.

Kym said...

at first i thought it was jessica who spray painted that! hahaha! yes we've all had our share. when i was younger i used to draw all over the public bus seats with my trusty permanent marker.

T said...

I really hope that kid wasn't trying to draw a shark because I just don't see it...

Jessica said...

Wow, looks like some really cool stars were in your town. I've always loved Jessica Alba. I think she's pretty. Is she really, in person?

New England Girl said...

Jessica Alba is one of those celebrities that I just... ugh... dislike with a very strong passion [no offense to Jessica above who seems to like her! :)]. She's just always annoyed me. And she can't even act! I'd get far, far away from any movie set she was on. :)

Cristina said...

ugh...I really do not like Jessica Alba either! I am with you New England girl, just because she is a celeb doesn't mean she has a free pass to do as she pleases!

a H.I.T. said...

Woohoo I'm back! I can comment again :)

I'd like to personally thank Jessica Alba for bringing inspiration to today's youth.

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