Friday, June 5, 2009

Office people

Have you ever listened to office chatter?

Well I do, and I do it a lot. I am pretty nosey and whenever people talk loud enough for me to hear I figure I am allowed to listen. Am I wrong?

So what's the point of this post you ask?

Well, I decided to post on "office people." If you've ever worked in your life I am sure that you know there is a ton of shit talking amongst coworkers. It never fails your latest drama will be broadcasted to everyone (even strangers) and you are always stuck with some sort of label. These labels will stick with you until well after you're gone, and if you run into someone later more than likely they will return to the office and say "they saw so-in-so, you know the (insert label here.)"

Now even though all these labels are not so nice, usually they are pretty funny. That is of course as long as they aren't your own. Typically you will have no idea what your label is unless a friend tells you, but even then it isn't an easy task to conquer.

With the theme of labels, I decided to share some of my coworkers labels:

The Scavenger: This guy walks extremely loud, talks through his nose and I think he is always starving. So instead of bringing his own snacks or dollars for the vending machine he stomps around the office searching for food. Once he finds it, he then strikes up some sort of boring conversation and helps himself. If he sits down, you'll be lucky to have any food left and don't trip over his chair because he never puts it back where he got it.

Fashion Victim: Now this label isn't because she isn't always trendy, but this is about the girl's decisions more than anything. We always expect something new, including the white dress shirt with the black sports bra she wore today.

The Ditz: This girl makes people how she doesn't get lost on her way to work. Honestly the saying, "She would forget her head if it wasn't attached," describes her so well.

The Loud Mouth: This guy is extremely loud, and isn't even deaf (he has been asked). But he manages to hold conversations the whole floor can hear. I never have a problem hearing them, even his whispers are loud.

The Cheap Ass: This guy is so cheap he won't drive more than a mile from work to get dinner. So what does he eat? Most of the time it's McDonald's, a bit of Subway and on Tuesday's (for half price burger night) he ventures to all the way Sonic. What I find funny is he spends the money to eat out every night of the week as opposed saving money by buying groceries and making his own meals. He also gets mad when he misses something like "pizza night at work" even if he isn't scheduled to work.

The Collector: Whether its the 900 bottle caps (we still have no idea why he has the pile on his desk), the 52 bobble heads on the file cabinet or the pile a dust on his desk... we are sure he has everything anyone could need.

I could probably go on forever making fun talking about my coworkers, but eventually you might get bored.

While I'm not sure what my label is, I think it would be Silent But Deadly because I am relatively quiet, but when I am passionate about something I get my opinion known.


Since I have never asked a question on my blog before, I decided I would ask what do you think your label would be and why?


Lil' Woman said...

Lol..I know a coulple of those at my job!:)

T said...

OMG, that post is so true!! I have no clue what my label would be and I don't think I want to.

Chère said...

That's hilarious. I think I would be "the goody two-shoes" because I do everything people ask of me and I'm completely uncomfortable challenging authority. I'm pretty much a doormat, so I'm that person people go to when they need help and they know I won't say no :)
I have an award for you over at my place!

Kym said...

oh i've definitely got labels. i'm known as 1) The baby in the office 2) the baby in the office who loves chocolates 3) the baby in the office who eats too much junkfood and her office drawers are stocked with them. haahaha! ;P its good though because people always ask me "whats your favourite chocolate, i'll bring you some" haha! ;P

Melissa said...

Office people...The Pam, The Jim, The Dwight, The Tobby, The Philis, The Meredith, The Andy, The Oscar, The Angela, The Michael Gray Scott.

I perfer to believe that all office people are versions of these characters

Jessica said...

All these people are in my very office. I especially hate my guy officemate who chews like there's no tomorrow and eats like, 5 times at work. Which category does he fall under?

Mrs.Shu said...

Love this post...I work in an office with one other person that I love dearly. I miss not having other people here because her and I would for sure be talking about them ;)

Thomas said...

I wish I could listen to office chatter. But my office either has one person or two people.

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