Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm being a bad blogger

Sorry I haven't written anything!! My job is driving me crazy and working me to death. This whole 50+ hours a week isn't helping me in the slightest bit.

My co-worker is never here and when she isn't here I have to do her work. I am pretty sure she has used all of her 4 weeks of leave already, keep in mind that leave started in January. The sad thing is it is b.s. excuses as to why she can't be here, like "I ate tomatoes and think I have ecoli." And when she isn't here my life turns into complete hell. I have to do two people's jobs and I literally work 10 more more hours a day every day.

Well she has been gone for a week and a half and yesterday was supposed to be her day back. Then today, she calls in. I'm like wtf? Apparently she was in "pain." I'm thinking you don't call in sick the day after your return from vacation. But, my boss let her off and once again turned me into his lil slave. Grrrr it makes me mad.

Anyways, I could continue to write you a novel on stories from my office and what not, but since I am having to work my ass off I don't have time. Hope you guys are all having a wonderful week.

Oh, here is a crazy video my friend sent me, maybe I should do this myself. :)

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Meme said...

Life is tough! I feel a FML coming on!

Ha ha that video was funny

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