Monday, March 16, 2009

Wipe the seatie

Sometimes the littlest things gross me out. Today was one of those days.

There probably isn't anything worse than a nasty public restroom, but when it is your office restroom you expect it to be a little cleaner and a little nicer. When I worked on a different floor this was the case, but now I think people have lost all manners on my new floor.

Time after time I go into the bathroom notice that people do not clean up after themselves, at all.

My mom once told me this story about how, I believe it was, my great-grandmother or my great-aunt had a hand-stitched picture of a sign in the restroom that said...

"When you tinkle,
if you sprinkle,
be a sweetie
and wipe the seatie."

After walking into the bathroom I am seriously considering hunting down a sharpie and making not-so-nice nice posters to hang on each stall. Let's quit being gross people! Not too mention if they can't wipe the seat, do they wash their hands?

On a side note:

I went to the Big 12 Tournament Title Game on Saturday and got a kick out of going to the bathroom and seeing all these men do the pee-pee dance while standing in a ridiculously long line. I have never seen a men's restroom line that long. But, I was in and out in about a minute time. I really wish I had a camera to capture that Kodak moment.


April said...

Haha, they had they sign above the potty at my old job. Too bad people were too stupid to read.

...But yeah, the job I have now...which is a HOSPITAL...the restroom makes me want to hold it until I go home.

a H.I.T. said...

At a company I used to work for, it got so bad that HR sent a note out to all the female employees about bathroom cleanliness. Yuck. Some people are just GROSS.

Oats said...

I once held a 2 week conversation with someone via writing on a stall. We used pencil. It was the cleanest (and most hidden) stall at Emory. It was also on a floor with all women (it was the men's room). Good times.

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