Thursday, March 5, 2009

Oklahoma City 3rd 'manliest' city in U.S.

While surfing the Web I saw a story that caught my eye. Apparently I live in the 3rd manliest city in the U.S. Could it be true?

My question is, where are these "manly" men? I meet guys all the time and every time it's either macho-pigs or big softies. Don't get me wrong, each category has its attractive points but I am a girl that would like to find a guy somewhere in the middle. Is that so hard?

Anyways, back on the topic at hand. The associated press posted a story about a recent survey taken by a snack food company. This is what it says.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) - Oklahoma City is rated the third "manliest" city in the nation in a study by a snack food company.

Nashville, Tenn., ranks first in the survey for Mars Snackfood US and its Combos snack food brand. Charlotte, N.C., is second.

The study used criteria such as the number of professional major league sports teams, the popularity of tools and hardware and the frequency of monster truck rallies.

Cities lost points for "emasculating" characteristics like the abundance of home furnishing stores, high minivan sales and subscription rates to beauty magazines.

New York City finished last out of 50 of the largest U.S. metropolitan areas. The ranking is part of the Combos launch of its Ultimate Man Zone Sweepstakes.

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Anonymous said...

Hmm... in my experience "what makes a man a man" is way more complex than his affinity for sports, tools and trucks. The description here should really be "City with the most stereotypical beefy-manly men"

Trixie said...

I totally agree with you. I thought it was hilarious. Now all the men who read this article are probably going to "strut" a little more due to the "confidence boost."

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm with Amberla and you... the survey makes a lot of assumptions about what is manly... but I suppose that's part of the survey. Such a weird idea!

(PS- I found you through 20sb :D)

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