Thursday, March 5, 2009

Officially in the blog world

So here I am, officially in the blog world.

But now the question is raised, what exactly do I make my first post about? I have racked my mind trying to figure out what exactly it is I should say and haven't got a clue. The first post has to be interesting, has to draw an audience, and has to let the readers in this world know who I am.

So here is my not-so-perfect first blog post.

My name is Trixie, and as my profile states I am a 20 something girl living in Oklahoma. I'm a grown-up who works a full-time job, but I follow that motto work hard to play hard. So I find myself doing a lot of playing. I graduated college in 2006 and like to tell people that I have a "grown-up job," yet I still see myself as a dumb kid who has a little bit more responsibility than most. I have many hobbies and I am certain this blog will be added to the list. I've never met a stranger and have been told I have the ability to light up a room. OK, enough about me.

This blog is going to be a collection of random happenings in my life. From the crazy night life I encounter to every day occurrences while I try to swoon the city one moment at a time.

So I hope my readers sit back, have fun and aspire to hear my next crazy story. Feel free to leave comments or contact me at

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