Thursday, May 28, 2009

I survived Memorial Day, barely

While my mind is still on "vacation," but my body is at work and still feeling exhausted. Yes, it's sad.

This weekend I probably had a little bit more fun than I should have, and I didn't even make it to the water. So without further a due, here are my weekend highlights:
  • My partying started on Thursday while drinking free McCormick vodka. I don't know if you have drank this, but I feel for you if you have. I had the worst hangover on my way to work Friday. I spent most of the day drinking powerade hoping I could hydrate.
  • While out on Saturday we started our partying at 2 P.M. and I tried this stuff called Swack. If you like Jager, you should try it. It is cheaper and not terrible.
  • During my afternoon I got pretty buzzed and managed to make money with my cleavage. I didn't do anything, and the dollars just kept coming.
  • The guy that my friend is in love with once again tried to sleep with me, and once again I had to tell him no. This time my friend was standing right there and she still didn't say a word to him.
  • Some lady hit my car!!! It was parked on the curb of my friends house and she apparently backed out of her drive-way like a bat outta hell and hit me. There is a huge dent in my driver side rear door. Talk about a nice surprise.
  • Soon as we got back to my friends house all the neighbors ratted on said lady. I guess they weren't going to let me get screwed over. Such nice people, they all deserve karma points.
  • I danced with some men dressed in drag.
  • I drank way more than I should have.
Well that's not all of the weekend's fiasco's but it was a few. Now looking at it, it isn't as entertaining as I hoped. Oh well. I hope you all had a lovely Memorial Day.

I came back to a lovely award though! Moonjava tagged me in the Adorable Blog Award! I was so excited.

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      Tamela said...

      Wow sounds like you had quite a weekend! Unfortunately, all I had was a lot of staying in since it rained a lot.

      Thanks for the award! That makes me feel better! You're the best!

      Trixie said...

      Jess ... I don't have your new blog address so if you read this will you link it? Thanks!

      Kym said...

      wow... somebody had a crazy weekend! ;P hhehehe! and you're the best, thanks for the award trixie, i shall post it up soon :)

      Melissa said...

      Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Someone hit your car?? Karma that!

      Lil' Woman said...

      Thanks for the blog love! : )

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