Monday, May 18, 2009

Tornado torture

On Wednesday, (yes this is a bit old) we had some tornadic weather on our hands. Sitting at work I heard the tornado sirens go off three times. Luckily, the storm wasn't coming straight towards us and I didn't have to hike the 10 floors or so down to the basement. When doing that, I always seem to get a bit dizzy.

Anyways, so 5 tornadoes hit Oklahoma and I was lucky enough to not have any effect me or my family. Since it is tornado season, I often think of a story from my freshman year of college. I wasn't so nice then.

So freshmen year of college, we are basically all for the first time alone without the parentals. It's great to have that first feeling of freedom. But during that first few breaths of freedom something always happens that makes you remember what it is like to have parents and lets you know just how much you miss them.

For Texans, it is generally the first time they hear tornado sirens go off. Now not all Texans are this way, but there are several (especially down south) who don't know what it's like to deal with tornadoes.

This is where it gets fun because you can make up ridiculous stories that really scare them. I think my best story was talking about the dorms. At my university we had three "towers" that were like 12 stories tall I believe. Well when the sirens go off you aren't supposed to use the elevators, only the stairs. You are supposed to move as quickly as possible to the bottom floor.

Seeing as how most of them haven't been through a tornado they didn't realize that the first time the sirens go off it is generally just a warning for severe weather and tells you to turn on the TV. Well being mean, my friends and I convinced these poor Texans that they needed to ready to evacuate if they heard the sirens and not to worry because the top three floors of the building were made so they would fly off in order to save the structure of the building. They had rooms on those floors and were distraught to hear such thing.

So from there on out I am pretty sure those poor Texans were watching the news any time they saw lightning or heard thunder. They of course didn't want to get caught on one of those floors of a twister was coming.

What I didn't inform them of was the fact that the town had not been hit by a tornado since the 80s, and of course the warning siren.

While mother nature is no joke, it was still fun to play with the Texans.


Anonymous said...

My friends did that to me when I was a freshman in college :) I went in Iowa but I'm a west coast girl, so whenever the sirens went off (just for tests, never even had to go to the basement) I would wasn't until my sophomore year that somebody was kind enough to tell me we didn't really have to worry that far north :)

Kym said...

hahaha nice one! :) i've never been through tornado warnings or anything like that, i'd probably fall for your tricks too! :P

Lil' Woman said...

That's cruel but pretty funny : )

Tamela said...

haha how sneaky and funny! Tornadoes are a very scary thing.

Melissa said...

Oh My! Tornadoes look scary-I've seen TWISTER. Poor texans... )=

Moonjava said...

Hey Trixie, I have another award for you! ;)

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